PROGRAMMA 2023-2025 – Companies


We want to keep research within the Politecnico fair: the role of research in society should be the improvement of our well-being.

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Our representatives in the Senate have always spoken out against collaborations and agreements with companies that violate human rights, agencies and institutions that poison the planet while promising to save it, that act violently on its inhabitants, condemning many to misery or death. 

Problems of an ethical nature that the Polytechnic is aware of, but which it decides to solve through sophistry and legal quibbles, claiming to collaborate to improve their behaviour. Clearly, the reality is far less idyllic, with the university forced to bend to the will of corporations and private individuals in order to tap into greater sources of funding.

 The senate’s decision to continue its collaboration with Frontex, for example, reflects the power dynamics within our university. In response to the lack of action to our appeals, our goal is to make visible what we prefer to remain in the shadows, so that we can finally have a university free of untouchable altars and seats of power, working exclusively for us students and for the good of society.

Another issue concerns student housing, which is becoming a major problem, where in the silence of the institutions speculators and intermediaries are getting fat. Every day new private student halls of residence spring up on our territories, charging prices that, against all logic, push the bar of the market higher and higher. In a country where there is a debate on whether to set minimum wages at €8/9 per hour, there is no question of asking families between €400 and €600 per month for a room in Turin.