PROGRAMMA 2023-2025 – Representation


Didactic Manager / Orientation Courses: We believe that it is necessary to improve the ways in which the services offered by the Politecnico and the procedures they require are conveyed, from the very first day of class.

Full Programme

At Alter.POLIS, we believe that our political activity cannot be limited to what can be achieved within the walls of our university but should extend further to create a true student and civic community that is open to all and focused on cooperation and mutual support. That’s why we have created and spread incredible tools of mutualism such as our Telegram channels InfoPolito and InfoBorsistiEdisuPiemonte, the Alter.Guida, and the Alter.Mappa, to promote an environment of mutualism where students can express themselves, support each other, and thrive together.

In 2016, we chose to connect with other similar organisations nationwide through Link Coordinamento Universitario and Rete della Conoscenza. These organisations are independent of political parties, trade unions, and religious organisations and have the ability to fully represent the student community without any influence. Through this connection, we aim to absorb new practices, synthesise knowledge, and broaden our worldview beyond the reality of the Politecnico.

What have we done:

InfoPolito, InfoBorsistiEdisuPiemonte:

We created these groups (first on Facebook, then on Telegram) to foster free and autonomous discussion environments that allow students from our university and the region to grow, learn, and develop an awareness of the internal mechanisms of the university.


Every year, we distribute our guide to the Politecnico to incoming students, providing information and education to our community. We use the knowledge gained through our work in the university bodies and our experiences to make the hidden information on the Politecnico website more accessible. We believe that transmitting our knowledge is a fundamental part of being a representative and that it is of utmost importance for the student community to learn and understand their rights, the services offered by the university, and how to access them.


Recognizing the lack of spaces at the Politecnico, instead of accepting this as a defeat, we opened our eyes to the systemic problem of the university and turned our attention to the city that hosts us. We found that many places in Turin are open to the student community and its needs. Starting with the defence of places like Comala against real estate speculation, we decided to explore cultural centres, libraries, venues, and services that Turin offers to encourage us students to fully experience the city. That’s why we created the Alter.MAPPA, which includes all these places and services and makes them available to our community.

What do we want to do:

Educational Manager/Orientation at the Politecnico

When students arrive at the university, many tools and services are hidden among documents, regulations, and customs that can be confusing for students coming from other universities or high schools. We believe that establishing courses that explain the functioning of the services and institutions of the Politecnico is essential to improve participation and foster a sense of community among students. Therefore, we propose taking inspiration from other universities and implementing similar figures and structures to promote the creation and development of our community.