PROGRAMMA 2023-2025 – Outer Facilities


  • Library lending with delivery between locations.
  • Different campuses, same price: revision of tenders to make student service prices even.
  • Development of the sites: 1 canteen per site.

Full Programme

  • Library loan service with pickup and delivery at the reception: It is not feasible to go to Valentino to borrow a book just because I study at Mirafiori or Lingotto, the same goes for those who need access to departmental libraries.
  • Lockers to store plastic materials or projects, but also because the considerable distance between the campuses makes it difficult to visit and leaving materials would allow for easier access.
  • Safety course in graduate school: There are often students who cannot use the laboratories due to a lack of certification, and this is unacceptable. It is the responsibility of the Politecnico to ensure the possibility of taking exams and using the laboratories to the fullest extent.
  • Different campuses, same prices: If it is not possible to guarantee that the catering services are priced the same at all campuses due to tender restrictions, it should be the responsibility of the Politecnico to cover the price difference, not the students.
  • Organising events for the student community and holding central body meetings not only at the main campus: The distance between the campuses is not perceived as a problem by the university, so the governing bodies should also meet at other campuses, and ceremonies should include the entire Politecnico, not just the Corso Duca complex.


  • Water point: The Lingotto campus should be as livable as the others, despite the limited number of students who pass through it. It cannot be left unattended, and access to a constant water source is really the least that the university can do to ensure this.
  • Fans or other cooling systems for the top floors: During the summer, the top floors of the campus become unbearable due to poor thermal insulation. This needs to be addressed in order to fully utilise the limited space that the Politecnico has. Therefore, we request the installation of cooling systems in a manner that is environmentally sustainable.


  • Guaranteed quiet study rooms until the actual closure of the campus: The isolated location of the campus makes it impossible to access other services after closing, and the cleaning of the premises should not be a hindrance to students.
  • Mensa room where students can consume their meals: After the introduction of a microwave, we request a dedicated space in the campus where students can have their meals, pending the renovation of the campus itself, where we will seek to have a proper cafeteria installed.
  • Opening of the Press Room outside of class hours: We want the possibility to print projects and drawings in a press room that is accessible at all times, not just when there are no classes, to allow for independent work on group projects.