PROGRAMMA 2023-2025 – Environment


  • TRASPORTS: new safe and secure bicycle parking spots at all sites
  • MORE WATER POINTS at all sites, up and running and placed where convenient.
  • RENOVATE THE ‘GREAT CHALLENGES’ COURSE: the courses should be completely rethought, while keeping the original aim, so that they can lead to a development of the human side of each of us.

Full Programme

The greatest crisis we face as a human species, and therefore as a student community as heirs of the planet, is the Climate Crisis. Let us imagine a university committed to addressing this crisis at all times, in every action, from teaching to infrastructure, and especially through research.

As individuals, our responsibility is limited, but as an academic community, our responsibility is to guide the progress of humanity itself towards a more sustainable and ecological future.

As an institution, the role of the university is to provide opportunities and incentives to lead a lifestyle that has the least possible impact on the environment around us, while also improving our standard of living.

A better, more sustainable, and healthier future is not only possible, it is necessary!

What have we done?

We have increased bicycle parking spaces, even at the Mirafiori site, and installed totems for quick repairs. Moving around by bicycle allows for a significantly smaller environmental footprint, promotes physical exercise, and enhances mobility independence. However, this mode of transportation requires constant maintenance and adequate infrastructure, which we have endeavoured to provide by implementing secure bicycle cages that can only be accessed with a smart card, as well as repair-equipped totems at the main campus. Nevertheless, our work in this area is not complete; we will continue to adapt our university buildings further to accommodate this mobility model.

We have allocated funds to expand photovoltaic coverage. Self-consumption of energy has enabled us to greatly reduce our expensive bills.

We have initiated efforts towards energy efficiency.

Never before have we realised the true cost of energy – an environmental, social, and economic cost that speculation and price increases due to the Ukraine invasion have painfully brought to our attention. To address these costs, particularly the environmental ones, we have urged the Polytechnic to complete its photovoltaic roofing and energy efficiency projects, investing in self-production and reduced consumption. We believe this is the right path and will ensure that these steps continue towards a cleaner and less polluting university.

What do we want to do?


We aim to create new safe and reserved bicycle parking spaces in all campuses, establish protected cycling routes to the venues, and enhance public transportation options.

INCREASED WATER STATIONS in all campuses, strategically placed and functional, to enable us to reduce (or eliminate) the use of single-use plastic bottles in favour of reusable water bottles or containers.


We intend to complete the photovoltaic coverage of buildings and implement measures to improve thermal insulation without disrupting educational activities.


Our university must lead our country towards an environmentally and socially sustainable production system by shifting focus from fossil fuel technologies to those that support ecological transition.


The “Grandi Sfide” (Great Challenges) course should not simply be another technically challenging exam or a course chosen solely for its difficulty. It should be a moment where professors and students can share the experience of being passionate about specific topics, united by their pressing importance in today’s and tomorrow’s world. These courses need to be completely rethought while maintaining their original purpose, in order to foster personal growth that empowers engineers, architects, designers, and planners to apply values in their work.


We aim to provide an alternative vegetarian option in every meal and in every cafeteria, offering a less environmentally impactful and healthy choice (suitable for various dietary preferences).