PROGRAMMA 2023-2025 – Areas


What we have done

  • Study rooms reopening on Saturdays
    • Free classrooms as study rooms

What do we want to do? 

  • Outdoor investment: We want to make outdoor spaces on our campuses more comfortable and liveable.
    • More study rooms of higher quality
    • Teams-dedicated study rooms: We call for the establishment of dedicated spaces for workshops and team work.

Full Programme

Our university has an ambitious expansion target: to reach 40 000 students. It is unfortunate, however, that the Politecnico’s spaces have not risen to accommodate this volume of students, remaining unchanged since the opening of the R-classrooms. This has created and continues to create problems, inconveniences and inefficiencies for students passing through the university, both in terms of comfort and safety. The university must be an appropriate, healthy and welcoming space for allз so we must continue to demand an improvement and expansion of these, with a view to creating a truly inclusive, sustainable and suitable campus. 

What have we done?

  • A semi-pedestrian area at the entrance to Corso Duca: we believe that pedestrianising the part of the Corso Duca degli Abruzzi boulevard between Corso Montevecchio and Via D’Ovidio would allow for a redevelopment of that space, tearing it away from cars and making it an additional livable open space for our academic community. This is why we have asked, as of 2019, that the Masterplan include the pedestrianisation of at least the counter-alley, which was renewed this year.
  • Peripheral location services commission: we have asked for an ad hoc commission to be set up to review the various peripheral locations of our university (Mirafiori, Lingotto, Morgari, Mondovì), so as to guarantee the same services to all students. We believe that the peculiarities of each location (which to call them peripheral is not even satisfactory because it imposes a hierarchy) must be assessed and dealt with as carefully as possible. 
  • Purchase of the Citadel of Design: We made the university purchase the Mirafiori site, stopping paying rent and opening the door to further development possibilities, for the Design, Automotive, and Teams courses that require more space for their laboratories and other premises to be returned to the student community. 

What do we want to do?

  • Investment in university buildings: We want a university that is open and at the service of the community. Staff and space constraints cannot be answered by cutting students, but by increasing investment. We want all developments in the master plan to be completed and the master plan itself to be expanded further with the well-being of those who live there in mind: us students. 
  • Investment in outdoor spaces: We want to make the outdoor spaces on our campuses more usable and liveable, e.g. by freeing up the car parks at the Headquarters and Valentino Castle, improving outdoor facilities with sockets, roofing and heating (compatibly with the poly’s energy sustainability objectives), in order to improve and increase the elements of street furniture useful to students and staff and get more out of our spaces;
  • More study rooms of higher quality: we want more spaces for individual and collective study, asking the administration for special attention to furnishings and equipment. We do not want our spaces to be abandoned or fall into decay, we must defend them and fight to improve them! 
  • New Laboratories: We want dedicated spaces to be created for holding laboratories, with useful equipment, allowing them to be held without additional costs for the student community. Especially for the students of Architecture and Design courses, who already have to carry out manual and creative work without any dedicated space within the university.
  • Dedicated classrooms for groups: Teamwork, cooperation and soft skills must be at the centre of the Athenaeum’s teaching offer, but this does not find much space in our Athenaeum. We call for the establishment of dedicated spaces for group work, open to cooperation and collective study, in order to lighten the load on individual study rooms and make it possible to work together more effectively. 
  • Social spaces: We want indoor and outdoor spaces for social purposes, allowing us to cultivate passions such as music, sport, reading, drama
  • Night reopening:We want the opening hours of the polytechnic to return to the pre-pandemic ones! Study rooms should be open at least until 9 p.m. in all our locations.